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Rhythm Game EPQ Ideas?

Currently I am taking A-Levels and am also taking an EPQ alongside this.
I would really like to do an EPQ based on rhythm games or the fast paced electronic music that is in the games, but I’m not too sure on the question I should do.
I have a few rhythm games that I particularly enjoy that include:
- Taiko no tatsujin
- Nostalgia op.3
- MaiMai (all games)
- Chunthium Sun
- Project Sekai
- Osu

If any of you have question suggestions it would be really helpful!!

Thank you!
The effect of rhythm games on the brain (positive or negative)
Why are rhythm games getting popular (but you'd have to stretch it to 5000 words!)

If you do coding and stuff like that, maybe design a rhythm game yourself and let people play with it for feedback? (for artefact)
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Thank you for the suggestions!

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