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What route would you do for a change in life?

Hello There Everybody. Recently I have wanted to change my life around to change careers and have been trying hard since last December around 3 hours or more per day,researching,Online talking,Interviews and have had many headaches and eye strain/sickness fron the time spent online as I want to succeed and progress in life to a career you can enjoy and make a huge impact on the world and oneself.I have been directed by high profile companies and professional scientists/doctors and have decided and narrowed it to become either a Planetary Geologist,Parasitologist,Or a Epidemiologist/Infectious diseases.Astrobiology was on the agenda but is a similar path to Geology. I am torn between Geology and Biology. The good news recently was after failing a couple of applications at university,I carried on trying and now have two unconditional offers at university to study a 4 year part time Degree in Geoscience/Geology and or a Certificate. I have also applied for now a 4 year part time in Biological Science Degree. The hard part of deciding is I'm not sure which course to take. Geoscience Degree or a Bioscience Degree. With a BSc in Geology I would then go to a MSc in Planetary Science/Geoscience to be a specialized Planetary Geo. I have messaged a school and they stated you could possibly be accepted into a MSc in Enviornmental Epidemiology after a Geoscience degree.

With a BSc in Bioscience,one could then complete a MSc in Parasitology,Epidemiology,Astrobiology and gain entry to other numerous masters degrees.

To this day I am not sure which course to choose.It probably is easier for everyone else as we all have different perspectives and will be viewing this from the outside in,which I value everybody's opinions and thoughts greatly and If you are a student then it's even better as it's relatable,however everyone's opinions on what you all think,and what you would do,will be greatly appreciated,If you have questions you are not sure about I'll be glad to answer them to the best I can, as I love to help people,which is one reason why I respect the CDC and Space agencies,to add positivity to the world and help those in need.Unfortunately,or fortunately,I am a young Male(Mature student) in the late twenties which can be sometimes quite easily confused.


First of all dude, YOU ROCK!:borat:
Way to stay diligent!! Your determination is very admirable!!!
If you're interested in finding new ways to help the world, check out Effective Altruism (

As for your choices...
It seems like your someone who enjoys learning new things, so the option which opens the most education oppurtunities might be the best for you. That way, even if you lose interest in something, you still have the oppurtunity to learn something else. Also, who knows, maybe with your degrees in various backgrounds, you might find the cure to cancer.

Now tell me, what is an unconditional offer? It sounds cool! Is it?
If yes, how do I get one? I'm not going to uni anytime soon but it would be nice to know

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