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Personal Statement for Liberal Arts

Just finished my A level exams and now I'm looking into taking a gap year to reapply for lib arts/ arts and sciences. The degree is quite a broad one so I was wondering if anyone has advice for what I should do specifically to put in my personal statement? E.g. For extra reading, do I just choose a module which I find interesting listed on a uni, or how should I approach it since each university sets out the degree lightly differently? Especially looking for MOOCs ect. I'm not sure what ones I should do that relate to the degree. Also since the degree is quite broad how should I link things together in my PS? Thanks :smile:
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I’d just suggest showing that you’re interested in a variety of topics. Read books and do MOOCs about both social subjects and sciences - as well as whatever else takes your fancy, and then write about how you’ve done all these things and got a whole variety of knowledge from different areas that you want to develop.

My advice to you would be that during your gap year, do and read as much from a variety of different areas as possible. That way you can show you care and want to learn about a variety different things - exactly what a liberal arts degree offers.

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