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Hi, I'm considering applying for postgraduate (masters) in the UK. What do I need to know about applying from a different country? Do I need to apply for a postgraduate program in the same course as I studied at undergraduate, or is there some flexibility (e.g. is moving from film BA to English MA possible)? Also, the ranking and reputation of the school is important to me. Would studying a different course only be possible at a lower-tier university? Thanks in advance!
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There is usually flexibility to pursue a different course at the master's level. Many people I know have made a switch from a bachelor's in engineering to pursuing a master's in finance or economics, so moving from a film BA to an English MA is certainly possible. Many universities are open to accepting students from different academic backgrounds as long as they can demonstrate their motivation and relevant skills for the program. Just be sure to check the specific entry requirements of each program you're interested in.

While top-tier universities may have more competitive admission processes and more candidates with a strong and focused background, it doesn't mean that studying a different course is only possible at a lower-tier university. There are reputable universities that offer excellent programs in a wide range of disciplines. Focus on finding universities that have strong programs in your area of interest and align with your goals.

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