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how to get a 2:1 in a law essay

finishing my first year and gaining mid marks for 2:2. my submissions have no personlaised feedback and im finding it hard to get higher grades. ANy help pls
Hi there

Great question! This is something I struggled with in my first and second year of uni.

My top tips would be to speak to your peers who have got higher grades - maybe even asking to read their work after it has been marked or getting them to explain how they went about answering the question/exam. I struggled a lot with how to structure my essays and so speaking to other people really helped me formulate a structure that was essentially easy to follow and easy for the marker to mark!

I would also advise emailing your tutors/lecturers/head of year to arrange meetings to go through your work. Getting no personalised feedback can make it feel almost impossible to improve so reaching out to them personally with your concerns and setting up a call to help you understand exactly where you can improve should help boost your marks.

There is also some great online/paper resources that are great. I personally used the Law Express books during my undergrad which helped simplify things for me yet there are plenty of other great resources out there for exams and helping to hit the mark scheme.

Hope this helps!

Kate (Student Ambassador)

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