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Is Puppy yoga bad

Did anyone see the news today with the research that puppy yoga is actually a really cruel thing? The puppy’s get taken away from their mothers way to young and they often go without getting all their jabs!

What does everyone think?
Emily <3
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So puppies don’t necessarily need to have their jabs just to leave the house, as long as they aren’t interacting with dogs outside of their own home it shouldn’t be an issue. The same with ‘taking them away’ from their mums, as long as it’s not an extended period of time it’s absolutely fine to remove them from mum for a few hours to go to the vets or do puppy yoga.

My main issue with the yoga is it normalises breeders of inherently unhealthy dogs, we do not need to glorify poorly bred dogs anymore than we already do. All these ‘cute’ frenchies or lil spud looking English bulldog puppies are destined for a life of health issues and vet trips. A better idea would be using rspca shelter dogs that need new homes, people looking to adopt can go to yoga sessions and interact with these dogs with the prospect of adopting them rather than ‘socialising’ puppies which will be sold for extortionate amounts of money and contribute to the ever growing issue of pure puppies in ‘rare’ colours aka inbred mutts that will cost their owners thousands in vet bills and live miserable lives

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