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CS AQA NEA Analysis

I'm making a quiz app for my NEA and at the moment, I'm writing my analysis but I feel like I'm writing a bit too much. I've only nearly done two existing solutions and my objectives so far, and it comes around to be 20 pages (5000 + words). Maybe I've analysed the solutions too much? Since from the exemplars I've seen, many have only written a paragraph or two + diagrams. Any advice?
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You can never have too much! If you already have all that then there's no sense in reducing it unless you want to save trees or smth lol
The more words the better is a good rule of thumb. That said my whole analysis section (not including research & investigation) came to 22 pages and did just perfect so that's probably excessive - but, better safe than sorry. You won't be marked down for writing more unless AS really hates you ofc

TLDR no word limit, go ham
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So how did you analyse existing solutions? What i'm doing is going over majority of the functionality which matches what I'm trying to do and I explain each section (i.e how to create a quiz question or how to create a session) with screenshots. Haven't done DFD or ER diagrams bc idrk how to go about that
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I did a table like

aspect | mine | alt. 1 | existing solution 1 | ... |

Where the trait column described an aspect of the solution, and the rest of the columns explain how well the solution achieves that aspect, with a score out of 5. At the end of the table there's a row with the total scores. Then you mess with the numbers so that your solution has the highest number

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