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Teaching Assistant Days /Afternoons Off?

Hi. So I’m planning on starting a teaching assistant job in the best year, but I’m a little confused about something.I think I’m going to have a term time only contract, and when I googled it it said that for term time only contracts, they have to give you leave. Is it true that this leave HAS to be in the school holidays? Because I’ve got a few commitments in the next year that would clash with school days. Will Step Into Teaching honour my commitments?My question is can I declare these still? Or could I, for example, work extra hours in exchange for an afternoon off? Does anyone have any experiences with this that might potentially help?
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Generally leave in school jobs is the holidays but obviously there are going to be things pop up during school time for which you need leave which you'll just follow procedure for. If you're starting a new job and know them mention this to them prior (maybe during the interview if they ask or that first conversation you have when they say they want to offer you the job but before starting the job.

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