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Considering additional course (L3/L2)

I am currently doing an Access to HE: Health Science Diploma
I've recently considered taking a teaching assistant course, but I am unsure on whether I should in-case I get burnt out or can't handle the work load.

The current Access Course has about 12 weekly class hours.
The most compatible ones I've found at my local college are:
Award in Education and Training Level 3 and
LEVEL 2 CERTIFICATE IN SUPPORTING TEACHING AND LEARNING, both of which have 3 weekly in-class hours

I'd ideally like to take that concurrent with any TA jobs if possible (as at the moment I am working very little hours).

But I think with everything combined I will get burnt out, as there is obviously more time spent doing assignments etc at home. Then there's commuting, housework, hobbies and the occasional lazy hungover morning/afternoon.
I feel like I would be putting too much on myself.
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The other big thing to take into account with a teaching assistant course is the placement, most level 3 courses will expect a minimum of 12hrs per week in school placement, and if the course doesn't require placement hours the qualification isn't worth the paper it's written on

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