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From A-Level to Entering Open University to become a teacher

Hiiiii, I have created an anonymous rant/blog for people like me or people who want to read.
I currently take psychology, sociology and religious studies at a-level. I self teach myself and work part-time with mc donalds. :smile: You will see some updates below. I hope to update people regularly:smile:.
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I will be taking Primary Education Studies with OU and then do a PGCE in Primary Education for a year. I will be finding work experience once I have got my drivers licence and will do voluntary work for 6 months alongside my job and a-levels. Then hopefully I can apply for teaching assistant roles!! I will be doing my Undergraduate degree for three years if I do manage to find a teaching assistant job as it would be easier to study full-time or four years if it doesn’t work out like that.

I have read a lot about becoming a primary school teacher and you need science. So, I will be taking IGCSE double science! Does anyone know if these will clash with my a-level exams in 2025? 😮

I have a four in English Lang and maths!! Should I re take or would this be too much? I could definitely get a higher grade in English but maths would be tricky as havent studied maths in years. Are four’s acceptable? Who knows?!
Student at the Open University
Open University
Milton Keynes
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What am I doing today?
I’m going to be getting my nail’s taken off as my holiday is over and I cannot wear nails for work. :frown:
I am also going to take a trip to Wilko to get some study things like more notepads, revision cards etc.
On amazon today, I bought a desk organiser for all my pen’s & highlighters etc. I already have an organiser but need another one!! I also got some folders to be more organised with my school work.
I will definitely tidy my room today!! Then I will relax and start doing some school work tomorrow 🥲
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Why have I made this?
I want people to feel motivated and do the best that they can in order to follow their dream career path :tongue:
It would be nice to see some people who also self study a-levels or even study the same as me!
I want to encourage home learning because it is really good for independence if you don't like school settings.
I want to give advice and help for people doing the same a-levels
It would be great to look back and see my progress.
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What subjects do I do?
I currently do a-level AQA psychology, AQA sociology and OCR religious studies.
I will be taking IGCSE double science too (it’s a requirement for teaching) and possibly IGCSE human biology (as I love human biology and want to study it).

What grades am I aiming for?
I know that the OU don’t have any entry requirements for Primary Education but I would still like to get good a-levels and ok ish igces. I am aiming for :
Psychology- A
Sociology- A
Religious studies- B
IGCSE double science - 4-4/5-5 (as long as I pass)
IGCSE human biology- 7
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@Get into Teaching
Does IGCSE science count as GCSE science for primary teaching??
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Evening everyone!!
Hope you’ve all had a good day:smile:
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How is everyone??

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