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Referencing a particular university in your personal statement.

Hi everyone!

In my personal statement I spoke about a masterclass at Cambridge University. I referenced the fact the masterclass was from Cambridge and I am applying to Cambridge as well as 4 other universities.

Would you say I should remove this reference or is it perfectly feasible considering I am not given my opinion on the university but just stating a fact.

Thank you very much!
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Referring to the masterclass is fine, stating where you are applying to is counterproductive.
If it’s just where it was delivered, it’s not really going to make any difference one way or another.
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You can absolutely state where i was given, Im doing a research project at cambridge rn for 4 weeks and ill be writing where I did it. Dont write about where your applying to tho, there isnt a point, it could hurt ur application, and it just takes up characters when u dont need to

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