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MEd Psychology of Education at Manchester vs Strathclyde Psychology with Health

I've been offered a place at Manchester University doing the MEd in Psychology of Education Conversion part-time, and I would just be attending on a Monday.

I’ve also been offered a place online doing a Psychology Conversion with a Specialism in Health conversion course through Strathclyde University. The online one is nearly £4000 cheaper and works better if I need to work more hours.

Would it be better to do Manchester as it’s a more prestigious university and the course is the one I want, and has an education component, or does it not matter as long as I get GBC - for example, not affecting my chances getting on an education psychology doctorate? I know how competitive it is. I do have children and young people experience to meet the doctorate criteria but currently working in the NHS with all ages, but predominantly 16-25s. All advice welcome. I have also approached the Careers Advisors from the university I did my undergraduate with, but I am keen to hear other perspectives! Thank you!
What did you decide in the end?

I'm going to apply for MEd Psychology in Education at Uni of Manchester. Is it really as competitive as I've read online? Any tips?
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