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Is it possible to Achieve A*s and As in at least 8 GCSEs in only one year?


I am a bit worried about my GCSE for this coming September to start.

I was out of school for 3 year and 6 months, for the reason I fled my country. I was grade nine (we finish school in grade 11) in my country and was one of the top five students in my class and minimum top 20 in my school, considering all my past I am quite sure I am good enough still now though my performance on education has been reduced slightly,

If I dedicatedly revise and study now is it possible to get A*s or at least As on at least 8 GCSEs?

My GCSEs list is the following:-

At college

1. Maths
2. English
3. Biology
4. Chemistry
5. Physics (for the reason only 5 subjects does the college provide)

Self-Learning and then to sit at price exam centres

1. English Literature
2. History
3. Economics
4. Business
5. Religious

And considering Geography as well but I would also like to know if it is that much desirable to strive for?
If you know or experienced the same way or have something to share please don’t hesitate. All answers appreciated.
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Sorry I meant “Private exam centre” by the word “price”, autocorrect mistake.
totally possible mate.....for me year 9 and 10 were totally disrupted by covid and year 11 was only my proper year for school for GCSE's. my school was crap and although we should've been taught but we weren't. so in year 11 I just revised and managed to get two A* and the rest A. so with hardworking and dedication anything can happen my friend

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