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I wanted to ask a couple of questions regarding UCL as I have received an offer at UCL to do Law with German Law! Any answers would be useful :smile:

I wanted to ask how does your average week looks like and how many days you have free as a Law student/generally as a UCL student? This is because I am planning to work to further support my studies and how many hours would you realistically work, whilst studying at UCL?

I was also considering applying for job roles in London beforehand, so that I have it all sorted when starting to the academic year. Would this be reasonable or should I consider doing this after settling in?

How quickly did you receive information on your university accommodation?

Is there any tips or advice that you would have found useful prior to being a student at UCL?

It will also be my first time living away from family and I reckon that living in London is drastically different from living in Manchester and other northern cities. For those who didn't live in London before, how did you cope this and do you have any advice?

Those doing a joint degree with languages, do you have any tips on maintaining or improving your language skills? I have been actively attempting to immerse myself into German culture whether that be through reading news articles, following German celebrities and Youtubers, watching documentaries in German. Are there any other tips beyond this?

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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