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Biology at Swansea vs Conservation Biology & Ecology at Exeter Penryn

I've just completed my first year at Swansea Uni studying Biology but just received an offer in clearing for a year two entry onto Conservation Biology & Ecology at Exeter Penryn.

My interests lie in further study, ultimately heading to a research role, working for a conservation group like the RSPB, or working in a herbarium/museum. I'm undecided at the moment and might ultimately jump between the three.

I have no ties to Swansea and don't like cities, so Penryn is appealing in that sense. However, I fear that the Exeter course is potentially less appealing when continuing in academia or applying for jobs outside of conservation work as it's not as academic sounding as straight biology.

Do you think that is a justified stance? If this is the case, I can't work out if a better uni with a worse course is better than a worse uni with a better course!
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