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holiday during june year 12

my family has just booked a holiday from the 5th if june to the 20th in 2024 meaning ill miss a minimum if 12 days of college. My mock exams will be over but i was wondering if anyone who has completed year 12 or has had a similar situation to me would be able to tell me how bad of an idea this.
Hey mollygough,

I think to begin with this question is difficult to answer in part because every college/Sixth Form/etc. is different. However, in my case, post-mocks (I do Eng Lit/Lang/Spanish) was mostly spent revising the year overall just to make sure we understood everything ahead of Year 13 and prepping for Year 13 content. For example, in Lit we'll be starting Hamlet next year, so we had a few lessons just contextualising English Renaissance Theatre (which we'd already done a fair bit of when studying Dr. Faustus earlier that year) ahead of the come back. In truth, a lot of the post-mocks stuff blurs together? I'm off on my 9 week break and a lot of those last few weeks kinda blurs for me?

In short, you'd be best with checking with your teachers, maybe closer to the time, however a lot of teachers like to have their stuff planned months in advance - it'll really depend on factors like class speed, etc. - However, I think if you're only missing about 2 weeks at the end of the year at my college you'd be fine, provided you caught up when you came back/over the summer with anything major you missed.

Hope this helps in any way! :smile:
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thank you! this was so helpful and calmed many of the worries i had

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