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Increasing salary in the post-BPTC pre-pupillage offer stage

Hi all,

Just thought I'd see people's experiences of this. I am currently at that stage where I am attempting to gain pupillage. With pupillage being my current goal, most of my current career decisions have been geared to make me a better pupillage candidate. Whilst I made it to a SRI last cycle, I was unable to get an offer.

Due to changing responsibilities, I am now struggling to sustain myself on what is close to a minimum wage salary at a publicly funded criminal defence firm to assist me in securing a criminal pupillage (I am aware that paralegal roles are not traditionally graduate roles and there is a large surplus in supply, explaining the low pay).

Thus, I am wondering how people have maximised their salary whilst also balancing the need to show commitment to a practice area / develop the skills / etc to gain pupillage.

One option for me, of course, is to wait until I am police station accredited and do a large amount of overtime. On this note, does anyone have any experience on the earning potential of being a criminal Defence police paralegal and doing police station work in the evenings / weekends (I appreciate, of course, this would depend on the size of your law firm and how many duty slots there are)?

But back to the primary issue, I'm just wondering if people have any tips or experiences to share on how they maximised their salary in those post-BPTC pre-pupillage years.
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