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What possible nea investigations could i do around economic change/cost of living ?
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Hi! I did OCR geography and submitted my NEA (56/60!) back in November. The exam boards may ask for slightly different things, but this was my title question and its breakdowns, so even if your exam board needs something different, maybe these will help as a starting point to adapt from.

My main title was: To what extent does the city of [your city] need regeneration?

We then had to break it down into three ‘sun-questions’ that were basically the three main research rates we’d use to answer the main title. They were:

1. How has land use varied in [city] city centre over time? With reference to chain retailers, charity shops, and coffee shops, and the 24 hour city model. (Using maps from 1960 to 2010, and a choropleth map describing the 24 hour city environment.)
(Here was lots of stuff about structural economic change and globalisation too.)

2. What are the impacts of land use change? (Using environmental quality, pedestrian count, questionnaires (word cloud about [city]), and photo annotation, at designated areas around the city centre.)
(Also looked into areas that received less funding and why - in my city I mainly researched this as gentrification and residents being ‘priced out’ of neighbourhoods. This is where you could bring in cost of living too.)

3. How has COVID-19 affected the need for regeneration in [city] city centre?
(Definitely bring in cost of living crisis here, and how lots of businesses went out of business due to rent/upkeep costs during lockdown.)

I hope this has helped you! Good luck for your NEA, I’m sure you’ll smash it - just make sure to do as your teacher tells you they want it because they’re the ones who will be (internally) marking it!
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