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5 careers for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science graduates

A degree in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science can help you launch a fantastic career. Here are some of the career paths you could find yourself in.

You may need further study and work experience for some of these roles.

Product Developer
Design, develop and manufacture pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care products.

Product developers impact the everyday lives of consumers. As a product developer, you could be involved in:

screening and presenting new product ideas

investigating the commercial viability of new products

ensuring the safety of new products

sales and marketing

quality control

regulatory affairs

This is a role that takes place away from the lab. The lab work is called product formulation.

Cosmetic Chemist
Focus on beauty product manufacturing and development.

You may need to call on both scientific and creative skills in this role.
You could find yourself:

researching current trends and customer needs

creating cosmetic shades and colours

experimenting with pigments, perfumes, and packaging materials

developing ingredients for skincare, personal care and colour cosmetic products

testing batches for production and quality control

With experience, you could progress into senior and managerial roles. You could even branch out into marketing and sales roles later in your career.

Pharmaceutical Scientist
Develop and manufacture new pharmaceutical medications for market.

Pharmaceutical scientists work in labs. They are responsible for preparing pharmaceutical drugs for market. The final product is known as the dosage form.
As a pharmaceutical scientist, you may:

develop strategies to design suitable routes of administration

design the dosage forms, such as a tablet, injection and ointment

select the additives required to make the dosage forms

design the method of manufacturing and packaging of the dosage forms

Science Writer
Write clear, accessible and persuasive scientific content.

Science writers combine research, editing and copywriting skills with scientific knowledge.
The role often involves turning complex scientific copy into clear, easy to read content. Your work could be published in:

scientific news articles and features

business, trade and professional publications

general media articles

Science writers work in various communications organisations, agencies, or on a freelance basis. The role can bring the benefit of flexible and remote working.

Medical Sales Representative
Promote and sell medical products to healthcare professionals.

As a 'rep', you'll sell medicines and medical equipment to:


hospital doctors

pharmaceutical companies



You'll usually work in a specific geographical location and with one or more products.
Sales roles can offer variety. You'll need to meet targets and may have to give presentations and organise events. You'll also need to build working relationships, use data, and travel to meet clients.
Rewards include high earning potential and professional development training.

Are you interested in studying Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science? :smile:

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