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My experience at X1 Borden Court

During my stay at X1 Borden Court, I experienced persistent issues with incompetent management and lack of care for their tenants.
When I moved in, my bedroom door key didn’t work, so I was unable to lock my door until this was fixed.
For three months, we had no wi-fi access, and when we did have wi-fi the connection was patchy at best. This of course, is particularly unhelpful for a student with lots of online deadlines.
After the water tanks were ‘cleaned’ we had black mould in the water for several days.
On the subject of mould, we had persistent mould issues in the rooms around the windows.
The electricity also went off during my stay, my post was repeatedly stolen, there were repeated fire alarms at all hours at the day and night.

All through this, management were unconcerned and borderline deliberately dismissive of complaints made about such issues. They now have the discourtesy to demand a ridiculous amount of my deposit for damage that I have not carried out, standard procedures for vacated rooms, and cleaning charges for communal areas of a flat that still has tenants in it, therefore cannot be assessed for cleaning. This is against their own policy that the deposit is to be used for ‘wilful or accidental damage by the tenant’.
Furthermore, I was contacted regarding this deposit by X1 directly, not by DPS, which is also against their own policy.

Do not stay with X1, you would be better off living out of your car, or a particularly spacious skip.

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