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Scared nervous introvert, excessive blushing and being a trainee solicitor

I have recently graduated with a law degree and will be doing part time LPc. Despite graduating with a first in law I feel like I'm not good enough I get red when speaking to someone, I am an introvert and shy. I look extremely young for my age I went cinemas and it was a 15 movie and he asked my parents is she underage 😬 I'm 21. It may be because I'm extremely short, I'm 4'10 and I have a very childlike face, I don't apply makeup or anything. I can get intimated easily if someone is in a more higher position. But yeah I'm good at law, want to be a lawyer but extremely scared.
Not sure if there is a specific question here? If confidence is your issue, I don’t think you’ll find much from the folk here that you wouldn’t otherwise in any other general self-help forums/books.
I was very shy at university (although forced myself to do moots and volunteer in a law centre) and it just got better with age. I probably looked young too and graduated aged 19 (!) as I went to university a year young and was a trainee by age 21 qualified at 23 so always felt the youngest for just about everything. It took me 25 interviews before I got a TC
Some of the best lawyers I know (solicitors and barristers) are introverted. It's also entirely natural to be intimidated by those in positions of power when you're 21 and are not even a lawyer yet. That feeling improves over time as you become more senior, but never really goes away. And even though you are 21, in the context of a legal career you are still a child, and you have a lot of learning to do and a lot of experience to gain. You really have nothing to worry about here. Being introverted isn't a problem, and will not hold you back from a career as a solicitor if you're otherwise capable enough to get a First, which is a great achievement.

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