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What perspective is an article written if the writer addresses the reader AND himself

For example, if the writer wrote:

"Working hard will set you apart. You must train your mind every day. Trust me, I know because I train my mind every day when I practice meditiation, and it pays off"

The writer firstly addresses the reader by using pronouns "YOU", so this would be 2nd person narration. (Addressing the reader) but then he also addresses himself using pronouns "I", which is first person narration (addressing himself)

So what perspective would the article come under?

Does it just come under a mixture of both?
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It’s written in the first person because it’s written from the authors point of view or perspective. When they use “you it’s because they are saying what they believe you should do.
Hi, this is first person perspective. Him saying 'You need to do xyz' is called 2nd person address.

Second person perspective looks more like this 'In the morning, you woke up and brushed your teeth. You knew your breath smelled.'

Hope this helped!

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