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A level economics advice

Hi, Im going into year13 and want to know if anyone can recommend any websites with the most effective Economics (edexcel A) revision, and also any advice for revision and the content builds up.
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Hi, I just finished my A level economics (AQA), it's not the same exam board but I can point you in the direction of the main revision/ learning tools my friends and I used :smile:
The main website we used when revising was youtube, easily. My favourite channels that I would HIGHLY reccomend are: EconPlusDal (the goat), and tutor2u.

I think that tutor2u's content is more directed towards the edexcel exam board so I'd definitely look into that (they do lots of different subjects on their channel but look for Geoff Riley on the tutor2u channel and he does everything you need for economics)

EconPlusDal does some great explanation videos and he's very active across social media, so you can ask him questions. Honestly I have him to thank for my econ A level.

For revision advice I'm not too sure... I always struggled to revise economics compared to my other subjects. Personally, I'd use Quizlet flashcards, youtube videos, and practise exam questions. Practising the exam questions is a big one that I would reccomend

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