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Timetable for Chemical Engineering

I am currently looking to study chemical engineering at university but would like to know what an example timetable may look like.
Hi Helicopter,
My names Paddy and I've just graduated my MEng in Chem Eng.
Your timetable will greatly depend upon the university your going to. Typically your timetable will also become more independent as you go through the years. At Lancaster, first year you have a lot of contact hours, typically around 30 hours a week including lecturers, practical lab work and math workshops. In first year you also have an hour each week with your designated tutor.

Second Year is more independent with the hours for math workshops and tutors are allocated for independent study, but still contact hours with lecturers through office hours, lectures and practical lab work. Third Year follows the same pattern with a lot of credits being allocated for your group design project which is very independent and led by your group so the hours you work are decided by you.

In recent years, lectures have been presented as videos coupled with a support session in-person led by the lecturer, so its a bit more flexible for students with other commitments. This is lecturer dependent however as some prefer the videos for flexibility where as other believe the in-person lectures are better for engagement and opening up avenues of discussion.

30 hours a week is a good guide for most universities in the UK for chemical engineering. If you try contacting the university Student Room Representatives I'm sure they could provide an example timetable based on their course structure.

I hope this helps a bit and don't hesitate to get back in touch if you have any further questions about Chem Eng.

Paddy - Lancaster University Engineering Student Ambassador
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Thank you so much Paddy, this helps me a lot!

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