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alevel year 13 advice

Im going to be going into year 13 next week and was wondering if there was any advice for this year. I really struggle with being organised at the moment and really want to know how to improve on this in particular as well as how to revise and what to expect. I am currently studying AQA art, AQA psychology and AQA english lit (Wuthering heights, othello and the poetry anthology- yr12 and handmaids tale, The wasteland and dorian grey for yr13).
I organise through colour - so a separate coloured binder for each subject. Then a matching notebook or slip file for each subject.

For text books I have a different coloured highlighter or post it note for things like quotes, sources, terminology etc.

Flash cards just elastic bands do the trick.

A diary - day to a page is a must for your todo list, count down for important dates, homework due etc.

Get one place and put your studies in the place, so all your binders, text book and stationery. This helps you concentrate.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, it can just be a concertina file or a desk tray. It’s about building a system that works for you.

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