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What is A-level geography like?

I start y12 next week and I’m considering A-level geog as an option (my other subjects are psychology and biology). However I didn’t do it at GCSE and this is a last minute decision (I originally had myself down for chemistry but after doing summer work and getting my GCSE results back I don’t want to do it) so I don’t know much about it or have long to look into it. Just wondering if anyone who’s doing/done it could tell me what it’s like please? Especially if you did/are doing Edexcel as this is the exam board I’ll be doing. Thanks
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i did GCSE and A level geography, and having done GCSE geography first undoubtedly made the transition to A level harder, so on the plus side you have the fresh mind advantage

if you enjoy learning about the physical space around you (urban development, physical geography, natural disasters) then i'd say it's a good course

if you dislike needing to memorise a fair few facts (case studies) to exemplify the things you write in the exam (probably like psych), then maybe not

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