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Scholarship of universities in the UK

How can i apply for a scholarship to study in the UK and earn it? Any idea?
Original post by Mohamed. Kh
How can i apply for a scholarship to study in the UK and earn it? Any idea?

Hi, there are probably a few places you can start if you're looking to gain a scholarship to study in the UK. I'm assuming your an international student and so these pointers are based on that.

You might like to explore governmental and non-governmental bodies, including educational charities, provide financial assistance to a diversity of students seeking education overseas. You can approach commercial and industrial companies in the fields related to your specialisation.
An organisation that is certainly worth looking into and fits the category of educational charity is Chevening and you can look at them here:
A governmental organisation which is also worth looking at is the British Council, and you can view their scholarship information here:

Beyond that it's worth narrowing down your list of universities to see the funding and scholarship options that they may be able to provide themselves.
If it's of any use we also have some general guidance on funding for international students here:

Hope this is helpful and all the best with your research into this!

- Matthew, Enquiry Team
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Original post by Mohamed. Kh
How can i apply for a scholarship to study in the UK and earn it? Any idea?

1. Research Scholarships: Begin by researching available UK scholarships.

2. Choose Course & University: Select your desired course and university in the UK.

3. Check Eligibility: Carefully review scholarship eligibility criteria to ensure you meet the requirements.

4. Prepare Academic Documents: Collect and organize your academic records, such as transcripts and certificates.

5.Craft a Personal Statement: Create a compelling personal statement that highlights your academic achievements and explains why you are a deserving scholarship candidate.

6. Secure Letters of Recommendation: Request strong letters of recommendation from professors or employers who can vouch for your qualifications.

7. Language Proficiency Test: If necessary, take an English language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL and achieve the required scores.

8.Submit Applications Early: Be sure to apply well in advance of scholarship deadlines to avoid missing out on opportunities.

9. Complete Application Forms: Fill out scholarship application forms accurately and ensure all information is correct.

10. Prepare for Interviews: If interviews are part of the selection process, practice your responses and prepare thoroughly.

11. Submit Required Documents: Ensure you submit all necessary documents along with your application to avoid rejection.

12. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on your email and the scholarship provider's website for updates regarding your application status.

13. Explore Alternative Funding: While awaiting scholarship results, consider other funding sources such as part-time work, on-campus jobs, or loans.

14. Express Gratitude: If you are awarded a scholarship, send a thank-you letter to show your appreciation and maintain a positive relationship for future opportunities.

Remember, scholarship applications can be highly competitive, so it's crucial to present the strongest possible case for yourself by adhering to deadlines and presenting a compelling application.

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