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Career in reproductive/sexual health

Hi everyone :smile:

I have a strong interest in sexual and reproductive health, and I’m not sure what undergrad degree to choose. I don’t want to study nursing and I’m not sure if I will get into medicine. Should I choose human bio or something related and find a MSc after? I’m also interested in human anatomy, physiology and health. I don’t know if a combined degree (i.e human biology and nutrition) will give me a good base for further study in sexual health whilst keeping my options open for other areas of interest (health, nutrition). Or should I go down a purely scientific route (biomedical science, etc)?

Any advice welcome,

Ps - I’ll (hopefully) be starting my undergrad next year and want to stay in Scotland for that due to finance issues, so any specific degree program recommendations in Glasgow, Edinburgh, etc would be really helpful.
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I studied biological sciences for my undergrad and I'm now doing a masters in reproductive biology. I think there are lots of opportunities for further experience and education after undergrad but I'd just say have a search for careers that might interest you. I'm hoping to apple to the NHS STP and get a job that way. Maybe you could look into andrology and embryology if lab/clinical science interests you.

Also, if you're genuinely interested in medicine, I believe there are opportunities to apply to a reduced course after studying a relevant course at undergrad.

It's hard to figure it all out but remember that there are lots of options and opportunities!

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