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Classics and the Ancient World at UCL or KCL?

Hi all, I’ve recently discovered that UCL’s main course for classics is now basically Classics and the Ancient World. I really want to apply to both, but I’m not sure on which one I prefer more! I am still yet to apply to universities for 2024 entry and I wanted people’s advice on which course is better at which uni. I’d also love if there were any students at UCL/KCL studying this course and their thoughts on it :smile:
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Classics is more literature and language-based, and Ancient History... is history-focused in straightforward terms. I would suggest applying for what you are best qualified and most interested in, and if you have a career plan, the course that will suit that.

I would email both course leaders and explain your question to them in a literate way. Personally, I love Classics but am weak in languages, so I'm more of an ancient history buff.

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