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Gap year for law

So I realized I wanted to study law far too late during this year's application system, I'd already applied for another course. I went into clearing to find a place in law but none of my top choices were offering law although I got an offer from uni of leicester and uni of lancaster. Law is a very competitive degree so I wasn't expecting a lot of the top unis to go into clearing for it, but I was disappointed all the same. I've decided to take a gap year and reapply properly for law, but I was wondering how best I could use this year to help my law applications and be productive in general? I don't live in the UK so I can't do any British internships or anything related to that, so what would be the next best thing?
If you're struggling to get any work experience in person then I would suggest that you do virtual work experience and other law courses (you can easily access them for free online). Of course make sure you read lots too so you can impress the universities in your personal statement. If you're applying to any universities that require the LNAT then make sure to do lots of practice for this too

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