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Communication for introvert

Has anyone tried this “Confident communication course for introvert” from Globis Mediation Group ?
I wanna know how it is or if its worth it because it costs £400. The founder of this company is an introvert offering services for organisations to train their people in managing conflicts and building relationships, and he’s awarded with OBE.
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Clive Lewis died a few months ago. He had an OBE, but was not knighted.

What are you hoping to achieve, more confidence at work or in social situations? Is the course going to benefit you or is it too business-orientated?

You could save money and take yourself out of your comfort zone in other ways, like volunteering, joining hobby groups etc.
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Yeah I know he died. Assuming that someone took over his business the course would still be running.
Just edited the post- yeah he had OBE, my bad also I didnt know that kind of award doesn’t mean knighthood.

I am curious just how much the course have changed someone that’s why I was asking about it from people who have tried it. The price of the course makes me wonder if what theyre teaching is effective or just they have audacity to overcharge to teach a lesson that’s superficial, regurgitated, or collated ideas from someone.

I will save the money unless someone who tried it think it’s good.

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