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Can someone please mark my Business AQA 9 marker (pls )

On one hand, premium motors should take over LLC because they would acquire the contracts with hotels and repeat bookings from celebrities meaning as soon as she enters the market in London, she will already have customers. Meaning that even at the start of entering the London market the company will still make profits. And because London is highly competitive market, it would be harder for her to enter the market on her own, but because LLC already have an existing brand, she would get a head start. Luxury motors would also have massive increases in revenue because chaffuer are in high demand in London.

On the other hand, Luxury motors should not expand into London and buy LLC because Janet is unfamiliar with London. This could mean she might not be able to manage LLC as well as managed previously meaning she could lose customers because of poor services and management compared to before. And as there is high competition in London, her customers would not find it hard to switch brands. This would mean that investing £400,00 to buy LLC would be a bad idea.

Overall, I think taking over LLC is a good idea not only because she would have more customers by expanding into London but also because it would be easier than starting on her own as Luxury motors would not have a brand image in London. It also depends on if the hotels restore their contracts after a year. Most importantly, the risk would be worth it if she manages LLC properly.

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