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Edexcel psychology boards next year. I'm really struggling with the 9 and 12 markers and put blatantly my school isn't doing **** to help us. Can someone please help me out on how we would structure an answer and how we would write it as I am extremely tensed about this
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Hi I didn't do Edexcel I did AQA however, for the 9 markers I believe it's the same thing. It's 4 marks for an outline of what the question is about. So like Piagets stages you would outline all 4 of them with a brief outline of each stage. Then its 5 marks so around 3-4 points for evaluation so for example Piagets stages are unrepresentative as he mainly conducted research on his own children.

I hope that's sort of helpful! I didn't do Edexcel but I presume it's similar.

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