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need tips on actuarial science personal statement

I have not done anything related to actuarial science. The course interests me, I have extracurricular related to maths but nothing directly related to actuarial science. I want to apply to LSE for undergrad actuarial science. what things should I include in my Personal statement to increase my chances and what activities could I also do to include them in my statement to improve my chances. Also, I live in a third world country, so it's not like I can do something directly related to it easily. There aren't many high school internship opportunities here. Also, I want to apply to ICL for finance, economics and data science. How do i combine my personal statement properly and improve my chance of acceptance? I'm studying A2. I predict my grades to be A*. Is there a chance of me getting accepted?
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Bear in mind that universities recognise that you will be applying to multiple universities with different courses; you aren't expected to direct everything towards one course.
There is always a chance of getting accepted. LSE also take into account contextual applications regarding your status in a third world countries.
To strengthen your application, write about why actuarial science interests you and how it garnered your interest. Read up on it, and write about what you learnt.
Some books you could read:
M Anthony and N Biggs Mathematics for Economics and Finance (Cambridge University Press, 1996)
T Gowers Mathematics: a very short introduction (Oxford University Press, 2002)
It's effectively expected that you will read around the subject, so definitely do that.

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