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What Master’s degrees can you apply to with a degree in modern languages?

What Master’s degrees can you apply to with a degree In French and Spanish?
Are you limited to humanities degrees when your undergraduate degree is in modern langauges?
You're not totally limited to humanities degrees, but you stand a far better chance. The obvious choices are to pursue languages at masters level, for example a straight ML degree, or translation, or linguistics. But if there's a different area you're particularly interested in, it's worth having a look at the requirements and emailing admissions at different universities, to get an idea for it. Although from personal experience I don't really recommend a masters in something you've not really done before unless it specifically says it's designed for relative newcomers, or you're prepared to do a lot of background reading.
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Some masters courses are specific "conversion" courses for people who have done another subject, e.g. law conversion or psychology conversion.

Some masters take people from a wide range of subjects. From what I've seen this often includes subjects like business, education or journalism (I personally know quite a few languages grads who've gone on to do a masters in journalism). But different unis will have different entry requirements for these courses, so you can look on their websites.

You're obviously very unlikely to get on to a lab science masters, e.g. biology or something with a languages degree.

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