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How to make friends at uni | student blog

Making friends at uni can be an exciting, yet at times, challenging venture. Business and Management student, Hamza gives us tips and advice on how to make friends. 🤗

Body language
First impressions are important.

Being inviting with a smile, maintaining eye contact, and demonstrating an upbeat demeanour are crucial characteristics to establishing new friends. People are more likely to start up a discussion with you if they believe you are approachable and will become your friend as a result.

Induction Week
Induction week is there to help assist students in adjusting to university life.

Induction events, group activities, and taking part in introductory exercises provide wonderful opportunities to meet other students who are looking to make new friends.


Comfort zone
Making new friends means moving outside of your comfort zone.

Avoid being afraid to start discussions or invite others to social occasions or activities. Also, being open to trying new things and joining social occasions outside of your comfort zone might help you meet new people. Furthermore, welcoming diversity and grasping every chance to get to know people from other cultures and backgrounds may lead to the establishment of connections and a bigger network of friendships.

Study abroad
You may be able to study abroad as part of your degree, where you can spend a semester in another country.

During your time abroad, you'll come into contact with other international students in the classroom and take part in cultural exchange activities. Sharing things in common while discovering new cultures allows you to form deep friendships that span the globe.

Collaborate in tutorials, seminars, and lectures
Communicating with other students in tutorials, seminars, and lectures provides a great way to increase your network of friends and make lasting connections.

The experience can result in positive educational effects and new friendships. Making friends on your course can be particularly helpful if you miss a lecture or need help with grasping what you are learning. They might pass along their notes, give you essential details, and explain aspects you might have overlooked. Working with colleagues may additionally enhance your educational experience through fostering conversations, expressing diverse points of view, and increasing your awareness of the subject at hand.

Discover clubs or organisations that appeal to your particular interests and hobbies.

Join the art club, for example, if your passion is within art. Engaging in events and activities relating to your hobbies can allow you to connect with people who match your passions, thereby laying the groundwork towards friendships.


Take part in Peer Assisting Learning
If you're a second or third-year student, consider becoming a peer assisting learning leader for new students.

This role not only benefits you by increasing your leadership skills, but also gives you the opportunity to connect with new students and foster friendships.

Academic events and workshops
Your university may host academic events, workshops, and guest lectures on various subjects.

Attend the events that interest you to meet students who share your academic curiosity.

A journey of growth
Making friends at university is a journey of growth. It's normal to feel a mixture of excitement and uncertainty as you navigate this new chapter in life. Remember, true friendships take time to flourish, and it's okay if the process feels steady. Be patient with yourself and others and remain open to new experiences and connections.

I'm here to reassure you that forming friendships at university is a genuine and rewarding process. Just like you, I've been on this journey, and I understand the enthusiasm and challenges that come with making friends in a new environment.

Embrace the diversity and intensity of university life, seek out shared interests, and step out of your comfort zone with confidence. Friendships often flourish when we least expect them, so stay flexible, kind, and genuine, and you'll find your community in due time.
Remember, every individual you meet has their own story, dreams, and aspirations, making each friendship a unique and inspirational experience.

So, take a deep breath, embrace the adventure, and trust that the friendships you form at university will be some of the most valuable and appreciated connections of your life.

What are your tips and advice on making friends at uni? :smile:
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