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Is grade 5 Jazz Saxophone, the same as grade 8 for other instruments?

So, I've been looking at the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow, and for all the courses you need ABRSM level 8 or an equivalent, which is fine. However, ABRSM Jazz only goes up to grade 5, so I'm kind of confused. Does that mean the Jazz degree is grade 5 only, or am I missing something?
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The pieces in the jazz syllabus probably are slightly harder but it's not recognised as equivalent - so jazz Grade 5 is not the same as classical Grade 8. I don't think RCS actually stipulates grade 8 as a hard requirement, at least for the jazz degree, but only recommends it as a guide to the standard expected of applicants.

It's actually a bit of a mystery why ABRSM stopped the jazz syllabus at grade 5. Some people think that the examiners are not sufficiently trained in advanced jazz theory, harmony etc to assess beyond grade 5 level, or that the demand from students isn't there. My view is that live ensemble playing is so integral to jazz that, at higher levels, it becomes impractical to examine someone without a live group that they can respond to, improvise over, etc. But nobody really knows why they didn't go up to grade 8 with it.
You are expected to be at Grade 8 standard which they will determine at audition. So as a guide have a look at the standard of other exam boards that offer jazz such as Trinity

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