Understanding your A-level results slip

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What to expect on results day

Receiving your A-level results is a big moment. There will be a printed slip (or an email) with your grades listed on it, but you'll also see lots of other information as well.

The exact layout of your results slip might vary, depending on your school or college, but below is an example of the sort of thing you're likely to receive. We've annotated the key points of information, so you can see what they all mean.

Example of an A-level exam results slip

Candidate Number. Used by individual exam centres (such as a school or college) to identify candidates.

ULN: Unique Learning Number. This is used to store all your educational records. It's never shared with anyone without your permission. 

UCI: Unique Candidate Identifier. This number is unique to you. It's used by the exam boards to identify you and link your results.

2 GCE refers to AS- or A-level. Any letter after this (eg GCE/A) is for exam board use only.
3 Each course and each exam has a separate code
4 The important one! Your overall grade
5 Exact marks will be reported to your school and may appear on your results slip
6 Practical skills which are assessed as part of the science specifications but don't count towards your grade

You may also receive individual slips from individual exam boards. These will cover just the exams you sat that were set by that exam board. AQA, OCR and WJEC (Eduqas) have created downloadable examples of their results slips - use the links below to take a look at these.

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