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Audition for BA MT in the UK

Hi! I am auditioning for a BA in Musical Theatre this year and I am wondering if GSA, RCS, and Mountview look for really strong dancers. I started ballet and jazz 1-2 years ago. Some people have been dancing since they were 5. Would this put me at a disadvantage?
Hi there!

I'm Rose and I'm a third year actor-musician at GSA. Speaking from experience, and from experiences of my friends on the musical theatre course, feeling that you are weaker in dance does not hinder your chances of getting into drama school! There are many people on the musical theatre and actor-musician course (we train in the same disciplines as musical theatre but just with instruments as well) who have had little to no dance experience at all before coming to drama school, but their strength as singer-actors is what gained them a place. GSA is a great place to consider for its BA (Hons) and foundation course too as it has funding through the University of Surrey therefore you are able to have tuition and maintenance loans.

Hopefully this puts you at ease a little about auditioning for GSA and other drama schools, I'd say just go for it and see where you go! Best of luck with it all :smile:

Rose Warburton (she/her)
Actor-Musician, 3rd year

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