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im not really sure what to do
i have predicted grades a*a*a (math fm physics)
i wanted to apply for maths(+statistics) at oxbridge ucl lse imperial
im currently preparing for the MAT but my scores are fluctuating a lot
i got like 70 (2011/2012) and then 40,46 (2013,2014)
I really wanted to apply to oxford since I liked the vibe but the acceptance rate was like 50% of applicants from my school last year. And most of my peers are applying to Cambridge so I feel kinda isolated. I'm not for last minute changes but im starting to have doubts.
Is it easier to get into Oxford or Cambridge?
I have a chance to increase my predicted grades by performing well on the next school test but that would mean skipping early entry entirely, is this worth it?
edit: for more context I have 8 GCSEs at grade 9 and one at grade 8. I think this would be really helpful for my oxford application but not Cambridge since they specifically state they dont consider them.
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For Oxford and Cambridge, you grades are fine in terms of getting offers. It’s the performance in the admission test that matters. Imperial often need a higher Mat that that required for an interview at Oxford and reject people with 4A*, as do LSE and to a lesser extent UCL.

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