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is this my fault?

I was working on a project for a client. I needed someone more senior to help with the project. I asked my colleague for help but they didn't respond and I asked two other people on my team for help but they didn't respond either.

Finally managed to ask someone else for help and they managed to help me on the project.

I was even working on improving the project whilst someone responded to my email.

However a lot of time had been wasted and ended up handing the work to the client the next day. I really needed help in my team and got into trouble with my manager.

I've really tried my best to get the work done on time, I felt disappointment and betrayed that no one responded - not even telling me they were busy

is this my fault?
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Possibly? Without knowing the timeline and when you asked for help, how long you've been there, how much supervision you should have or not and how unhappy the client was it's hard to make any concrete judgement. Work is a harsh. You'd be best speaking to your line manager. Ask for a debrief and state you want to avoid this happening again and be able to give your best. At the end of the day your employers want the best you can give them too so sitting down and talking about how to maximise your contribution is a good step
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I agree, speak to your line manager with the evidence of you requesting help from others. You need to understand whether you would have been expected to produce the work by yourself and whether the timescale was feasible.
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Did you only email people to ask for help or did you physically go to see them? Big difference there in how your colleagues might respond.

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