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What can I do with ICT

I want to take ICT for A Level and not computer science. What jobs can I do with ICT and not computer science?
I have done ICT level 2 as a vocational course. I don't know about A levels but this was my experience. Firstly, I was didn't wanted to do ICT level 2, as I wanted to do business IT level 2, but my GCSE grades were poor and they enrolled me in ICT level 2. I have done 6 units in total, which were extremely easy. I have learned about how internet works, different computing concepts, how computers are used in different sectors, computer hardware specifications, website development (not using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but by using Wix which is a drag and drop website builder), mobile applicatipn development (using MIT app inventor, which is drag and drop), designing, creating and maintaining a small computer network and Software Development (we designed ans created a POS system using excel and did very basic VBA programmibg, by following the teacher. After I have passed my GCSEs and finished this course, I tried to find a job as a IT network assistant, or Wix website developer, but I didn't get accepted because I was under qualified. Then I have decided to go with a receptionist course, as my teacher said with ICT level 2 you can become an junior web developer or at least a receptionist, so I tried in more than 20 companies, but got rejected from all. Computer Science on the other side, is challenging and it will teach ypu solid programming which will help you in the University. Ypu will learn how everything which js digital around you work, and if you do BTEC, you will have some oppprtunities of creating something out of code, to add value to your CV. This is my experience, and my experience could vary from yours or anybody elses. I hope this helps.

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