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What universities should i look into if i want to go into Cs/ software eng?

I'm looking to apply to universities in the UK and wanted to know good courses for computer science or software engineering. Also why some are better than other? Like if they offer other modules i could take such as economics as well as them.
Hi @CuteMonkey :smile:

Is it undergraduate or postgraduate study? Cranfield university offers very good MSc course in Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering MSc.

You can choose 1 from the following options:
1. Computational Engineering Design
2. Computer and Machine Vision
3. Software Engineering for Technical Computing
4. Computational Intelligence for Data Analytics,
all MSc.

Moreover, Cranfield university is located next to Milton Keynes, and Bedford, both just 40 mins to 1 hour far from London (by train), where you have everything you need, from shops, outdoor activities, events, sports, music, arts, opportunities to meet people with same hobbies, etc...

Please let us know, if you are talking about BSc or MSc courses.

Thank you,

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Cranfield University.

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