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Can I still get into a target school with my GCSEs?

So I did worse in my GCSEs than my mocks, I got the following;
877777666 6/5

For my A levels I am doing Economics, Mathematics, English lit and I plan on studying economics/accounting/finance at university. I plan on taking on AS further maths and retaking GCSEs maths in November next year (I got a 6 due to many extraneous variables but I know I can do better eg. My teacher would always skip grade 7-9 work and tell us to focus on getting a 5 even though I was in set 2)

Do I still have a chance of getting into a target university for economics (my top choices are LSE, Warwick, UCL, KCL, Durham etc.)
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most unis don't care much about gcse results as long as you've passed them
just focus on getting good a-level results

only sixth forms acc care about gcse results

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