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University of Essex Online BSc Psychology

Had anyone studied BSc Psychology in Essex ? Is it hard to absorb all the information for someone who has no psychology background? As compared to other university is the assessment /exam hard ?

I am unsure about the curriculum at UoE but for UoE Online, you do not need a psychology background to study psychology. For example, me. I did not do any psychology-related courses, and yet, I am a 4th-year BSc (Hons) Criminal Psychology student. The course is highly based on research and in my opinion, note-taking. It also depends on your passion. If you are passionate about psychology, you will do well IMO.

I am unsure if it is harder or easier than other Universities because it depends on the person. UoE Online does not provide exams but the assessments are actually stimulating and it's not that hard. It gets harder every year, however. Quantitative Psychology is very hard, in my experience. I am very bad with statistics and interpreting them, but I managed.

Also, the difficulty of the first year was similar to my experience doing foundation year at the University of Kent (I studied sociology, law and politics). I did half a year in Politics and IR at the University of Greenwich (but dropped out), and the assignments were easier (I generally found the course itself too easy to study so I dropped out).

Overall, I think you shouldn't worry too much about the ease, as long as you are passionate and this is what YOU want. I'm sure you'll do great.

Let me know if you have any other questions :rolleyes:

All the best,
Dana Kafoud
4th-year BSc (Hons) Criminal Psychology student

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