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Can I still get into pharmacy?

Hi so I got a 5 in maths at gcse so my school will not allow me to do chemistry at a level even though I got an 8-7 in science. Other schools are too far away so I’m now taking biology, psychology and computer science for my a levels. I’m now planning on taking a gap year or 2 after alevels to privately study chemistry but I’m not sure if I’ll be accepted because I didn’t sit chemistry with my other a levels. I’ve checked different universities and their requirements and non mention rejection of students who don’t take all their alevels together (within 5 years) however I’m scared because I’m pretty sure that that’s the case for other health related degrees like dentistry and medicine. Is pharmacy the same? I’m retaking maths btw.
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I understand that some universities have a foundation course for those who couldn’t take the eligible a levels for the course if you want to have a look at that
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Bath would not have a problem with A levels taken over 3-years - and many other Unis would be the same.

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