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How do i get a 7 in my English Lit GCSE?

in my school we do the english lit gcse in y10 instead of y11. The syllabus is Macbeth, The strange case of Jekyll and Hyde, a taste of honey and the power and conflict poetry. Does anyone have any good resources or advice as my mocks are in 2 months.
My advice would be to revise the quotes really well and know the analysis behind them. I received a 8 in English Lit and I benefited from practicing exam questions. I also used this structure: PRTZELC: Point, Reference/Quote, Technique, Zoom into a word/phrase, Explanation, Link to readers point of view and Context. Another piece of advice I would give is knowing the context really well. I would recommend using PhysicsandMathsTutor. Here is the link:
I hope this helps and Good Luck!

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