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How do i get a grade 7 in English Literature?

im doing my english lit in Y10 instead of Y11 and my mocks are in 2 months. im doing jekyll and hyde, macbeth, a taste of honey and the power and conflict poems.
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Mr Salles teaches English has some really good videos on Youtube you might want to check out. They don't cover all your pieces of literature but they have a lot of stuff that can be carried over so I'd recommend watching his videos such as those that say about aiming for a 7.

Sorry for not being able to give more personal advice, there's so much to think about with English lit that the best thing to do is practice and use the former. There's also a lot of useful mnemonics/similar such as FOSSE (for poetry), Gimme 5, etc. which if you haven't already I'd recommend checking out.

Hope that helps! Best of luck :biggrin:

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