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I was listening to Nick Ferrari on LBC this morning and he was talking about how to best counter the rise in shoplifting. To me it’s obvious - all members of supermarket store staff should be armed with tasers. If staff at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose etc. we’re allowed to use lethal force against shoplifters, the number of thefts would rapidly drop. In the USA it is a constitutional right to defend your property. Arming all store staff with tasers would act as a strong deterrent to shoplifting.
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Sure carry on - I'm all for making retail workers feel safe at work. It is all fine until you taser a 90 year old Granny who has dementia

We should have a police service that reflects the population growth in the UK and has risen in numbers to deal with the exponential rates of thieving - but we don't as we have no money to fund public services due to Governments of the day giving it all away to every woke undeserving cause under the sun and then the ECHR taking precedence. The judicial system should require all shop lifters to build their own prisons (& care homes) on brown sites and then live in them under monitored supervision (similar to Big Brother sites)

What happens in the US happens over here ten years later. Expect to buy all of your stuff through a hatch surrounded by heavy gauge metal barriers. The Governments of the day have not kept pace with rising crime, and there are no deterents anymore.

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