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Will I have to pay back my student loan from my degree, if I do an apprenticeship?

Hey, i’m currently doing a bachelors degree in psychology and after i’m considering doing a clinical associate in psychology apprenticeship level 7 for my masters (mainly because i don’t want to rack up money from loan after loan). I was just wondering if I’d start paying back my student loan from my bachelors degree when i do my apprenticeship or if i’ll start paying it back after my apprenticeship? Thank u
Hi there,

Assuming that the bachelors degree is not directly connected to the apprenticeship (ie you're not working to the exact same qualification in the apprenticeship) then you'll likely start paying on the student loans the moment you're earning over the income threshold.

The income threshold will depend on your 'plan' I believe.

This will largely be done automatically when your new employer submits documentation to HMRC and you're enrolled onto the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax system.

Hope that helps.

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